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The Skate UK Star grades are a continuation of the Skate UK Beginner Levels, but with the introduction of easy discipline specific elements which are attainable by the ‘average student’ skating once or twice per week.


  1. Forward Spiral on either foot with flow
  2. Bunny-Hop into a Forward Drag
  3. Two-Foot Spin (min 3 revolutions)
  4. Three Jump (Waltz Jump)


  1. Backward Spiral on either foot
  2. One-Foot Spin (min 2 revolutions)
  3. Teapot on either foot, (forwards or backwards)
  4. Single Salchow Jump


  1. Backward outside One-Foot Spin (min. one revolution)
  2. One-Foot spin with correct entry and one-foot exit, (min 4 revolutions)
  3. Single Toe-Loop Jump
  4. Combination of skating movements, turns, spins and jumps in a short routine with or without music, max 1 min 30
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