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The Skate UK Star grades are a continuation of the Skate UK Beginner Levels, but with the introduction of easy discipline specific elements which are attainable by the ‘average student’ skating once or twice per week.


  1. Forwards open chasse and crossed chasse continuously on a circle (x3) (L&R)
  2. Forwards left outside closed mohawk, cross in front onto a LBI. Step forward to forwards RFI (x3) (L&R)
  3. Forward progressive runs (clockwise & anti-clockwise)
  4. Two consecutive LFO 3-turns followed by LFO sustained edge with free leg extended for a count of 1,2,3. (L&R)


  1. Forward progressive runs in kilian hold with a partner/coach. (anti-clockwise)
  2. Alternating backward open chasses (x2 on each foot)
  3. Backwards progressive runs (anti-clockwise)
  4. 7 step dance sequence.
    • Right forward inside open mohawk.
    • RBO run.
    • RBO cross in-front LBI.
    • Step forwards RFI.


  1. Forward run, forwards slip chasse (x3) Clockwise & anti-clockwise
  2. Alternating backward open chasses in waltz hold with a partner/coach (x2 on each foot)
  3. Forwards progressive runs in foxtrot hold (anti-clockwise)
  4. 9 step dance sequence.
    • LFO progressive run.
    • LFO cross chasse.
    • LFO progressive run.
    • LFO open mohawk.
    • LBI.
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